Abstract Submission Guidelines


Please read the instructions below before submitting your abstract.

In case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the IPNA 2025 Scientific Program Secretariat via e-mail at abstracts@ipna2025.org.

15 May 2024

Abstract submission deadline

General Information & Deadlines

1. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the online submission system by 15 May 2024 according to the instructions below. Abstracts received by e-mail or after the deadline will not be accepted, and therefore cannot be considered for the program or publication

2. Abstracts need to be submitted to one of the following topics:

    • Acute Kidney Injury (including CKRT)

    • Artificial intelligence

    • Chronic Kidney Disease (including cardiovascular disease)

    • Ciliopathies (including ARPKD and nephronophthisis)

    • Congenital abnormalities of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (CAKUT)

    • Dialysis (including haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, but excluding acute dialysis)

    • Ethical Issues

    • Genetics and Genetic Disease (not otherwise more specifically categorised)

    • Glomerular diseases (excluding nephrotic syndrome)

    • Glomerulonephritis (including vasculitides)

    • Hemolytic uremic syndromes and thrombotic microangiopathy

    • Hypertension

    • Miscellaneous (topic not included elsewhere)

    • Neonatal nephrology (including antenatal)

    • Nephrotic syndrome

    • Paediatric nephrology in under-resourced areas

    • Psychosocial issues, including transition to adult care

    • Sustainable nephrology care

    • Transplantation

    • Tubulopathies and electrolyte disorders (including tubulointerstitial diseases)

    • Urology (including UTIs, kidney stones and bladder dysfunction)

3. A preferred presentation methodshould be selected from the following options:

      • Oral presentation– The top-scoring abstracts will be selected for full oral presentation, including the Best Abstract award.
      • 3-minute pitchA focused oral presentation highlighting key aspects of your research.
      • Electronic Poster – The best posters will be presented at the moderated E-Poster sessions. Only electronic poster submission is permitted.

    Please note that all submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee and their selection will be final.

    4. Once the abstract is submitted, it can be changed until the abstract submission deadline of 15 May 2024.

    5. All presentations (including e-poster presentations) can only be delivered in person.

    There is no possibility for Zoom/virtual presentations.

    6. A second call for late-breaking abstracts will be announced in September 2024. Only a small quota of oral presentation slots will be reserved for this, so we strongly encourage you to submit your abstracts in the first round.

    7. Accepted abstracts will be made available electronically on the IPNA 2025 website and in the Pediatric Nephrology journal. Abstracts not suitable for display will be rejected. Please have your abstract checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formal structure. The organiser reserves the right to edit abstracts if necessary.

    8. All presenting authors will receive an acceptance/rejection notification letter via e-mail by 19 July 2024.

    9. All presenting authors are required to register and pay the registration fee by 10 September 2024 as a condition of presenting the abstract. Authors who are unable to attend may ask a colleague to present on their behalf. If you or your co-authors are unable to attend, please notify the Congress Secretariat at abstracts@ipna2025.org to withdraw your abstract at the earliest, so that we may give others a possibility to present.

    Abstract Formatting

    1. Abstract submission is only possible online. Abstracts that do not comply with the instructions will not be accepted.

    2. All abstracts must be written in English.

    3. The abstract title is limited to 30 words and must be submitted using the Sentence case (e.g. ‘My abstract for IPNA 2025 will be presented in Cape Town’ – The first letter of the first word is capitalised, and all other letters and words that follow are in lowercase, except for proper nouns).

    4. The maximum abstract length is 500 words (including picture/table description).

    5. Structure your abstract as follows: Aims/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions. Please use the template available on the submission page.

    6. Do not use abbreviations in the title. Minimise the use of abbreviations in the text.

    7. Up to 15 authors can be submitted for one abstract (including the presenting author). Each author can have one main and one additional affiliation.

    8. Only one picture can be included in the abstract text.

      • Pictures must be saved in .jpg
      • Charts can only be inserted as a picture (saved as .jpg)
      • Tables can only be inserted as a picture (saved as .jpg)

    9. Presenting authors who are under 40 years of age at the time of the abstract submission are eligible for the Best Abstract Award.

    10. All selected abstracts will be published in Paediatric Nephrology, and all abstracts will be published on the IPNA website.